65 Vehicles Ticketed For Snow Route Violations Monday

(KCCR) — The City of Pierre dropped the hammer on violators of a snow alert issued Monday at midnight. Notification of the snow alert came out Sunday afternoon around 1:45 pm, meaning residents had roughly 10 and a half hours to move a vehicle off a city street. Captain Bryan Walz with the Pierre Police Department says officers issued 65 parking tickets which resulted with those vehicles being towed to a nearby secondary street and off the Emergency Snow Route they were in violation on. At 85-dollars per ticket, that resulted in a total of five-thousand 525-dollars in total fines to vehicle owners. Walz says many residents believe that once your Emergency Snow Route is cleared you’re in the clear, but that’s not the case. The ordinance states that quote “Vehicles may return to parking on a designated emergency snow route ONLY AFTER…the city has lifted the Snow Alert declaration. The City ended the Snow Alert at 8:15 Monday morning. According to the National Weather Service, Pierre had two official readings of two and two-point-four inches of snow from the system. Seven miles east of Hayes had two inches and Murdo had two-point-five.