Auto Transport Company Claiming Pierre As Home Is Fake

Two South Dakota offices are warning consumers looking to move automobiles that a company claiming to call Pierre home, is false. Attorney General Marty Jackley and Revenue Secretary Andy Gerlach say Quay (key) Shipping is a fictitious auto transport company. A website for the company claims they are based at 2501 East Park Street. The addresses in 2500 block of East Park in Pierre are residential housing starting at 2503. Jackley says the Consumer Protection Division of his office has gotten several calls from victims outside South Dakota who have lost thousands of dollars by hiring the faux company to transport newly purchased vehicles. The company has a website. The first website, has been closed down. However a second website, is operational. It posts photos of vehicle transport truck, but none of them have logos and the ones that do, the graphics are unreadable.  The website does not post a local Pierre phone number, only a one-8-8-8 phone number. When called, it is automated, doesn’t give any options and the call is immediately directed to a George Riva….

That call was not returned. The website also shows slight misspellings like two words put together in a sentence and a lower case “d” when used in an abbreviation for South Dakota. Jackley says all indications point to the websites originating from out of the United States. The Revenue Department says they have received numerous inquiries about the legitimacy of several vehicle titles on the website. Gerlach says consumers should use caution when reviewing titles posted on