Blizzard Sets Sights On Central South Dakota

(KCCR) — A powerful winter storm system is marching its way across South Dakota. Hughes/Stanley County Emergency Manager Rob Fines says the snowfall forecasts continue to hold steady…

“Fort Pierre, Pierre area, surrounding area all the way from Murdo up to North Dakota up to Aberdeen and we’re looking at anywhere from 12 to 18 inch of snow and possibly higher amounts. They’re pretty specific on the snow. Where they have the concern right now is in the morning, the temp is going to be fairly warm and they are worried about rain coming in first.”

Fines says severe icing should remain to the southeast of Pierre…

“You get out to the Huron… all the way out to, you know just about to Pierre there’s going to be freezing rain in that area. We’re hoping that stays off to the east, but what that will do is it will cause power line outages. We’ll probably lose some poles there if we get the wind with the rain on it. Driving hazard, it’s gonna be hard on trees, livestock, it’s just not a good thing to have that freezing rain right now.”

Winds are still forecast to blow at 50 to 60 miles an hour. Fines says its best that you simply stay put….

“Right now our main concern is safety and getting it out to the public that you need to stay home. Don’t be out on those roads if you don’t have to once the storm starts because if it does get to a point and you are stalled out there, we’re not going to be able to get to you when that wind comes up in that snow is out there. So make sure again as I’ve been saying that make sure you got a winter survival kit with you, make sure you have a cell phone that’s charged that we can communicate with you. Make sure that you let someone know where you’re going if you do leave but above all, if you can stay home when this thing starts, you are best off to do that.”

Blizzard Warnings are now posted for Hughes, Stanley, Sully, Potter, Dewey, Jones, Ziebach, Haakon, Jackson and Mellette Counties. Winter Storm Warnings are up for Lyman, Hand, Hyde and Buffalo Counties through Friday morning.