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Action Delayed On Stanley County Elementary School Renaming

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Stanley County School Board Monday night delayed action on renaming the Elementary School in Fort Pierre.

At the Stanley County School Board’s May monthly meeting, Fort Pierre Mayor Gloria Hanson proposed to the school board that the Stanley County Elementary School building be named after John Waldron.

Waldron was a Fort Pierre native who paid the ultimate sacrifice in 1942. He was a United States Navy aviator who led a squadron of torpedo bombers in World War II. He and most of his squadron perished in the Battle of Midway.

The school board discussed the issue for several minutes Monday, first questioning if there was any possible costs associated with any signage changes.

Originally, School Board member Gary Johnson seconded a motion made by Carly Sommars to change the elementary school to “Waldron Memorial School” stating that he went back and forth on this issue in the last month. However, he said with the recent push in Fort Pierre with the increase in Post 20 activities and the active duty military personnel banners, “If we as a board want to look like we support our military veterans, we couldn’t do more for the vets.”

Before the board could take action on the renaming, board member Sarah Carter stated that “this is a big decision” and moved to postpone action on the renaming. “I think we should get more public input on this. I just think this is a big deal.”

The board unanimously voted to postpone action on the proposal to their July meeting. Any name change for the elementary school could not occur until the 2018-2019 school year.

Mayor Hanson, who was at the meeting, simply told KCCR News after final action; “I understand it’s a big step.”

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