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Duvall Appointed To Non-Meandered Lake Summer Study

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lawmakers are set to study how the use of publicly-owned bodies of water over privately-owned land should be regulated, an issue that has frustrated landowners and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Legislature's Executive Board decided Tuesday on topics to study ahead of the 2018 session. Pierre Representative Mary Duvall has been appointed to this summer study board…

(Mary Issue 1)

Duvall says the summer study group needs to come up with a very measured, well thought out solution to the overall problem…

(Mary Issue 2)

Duvall adds that the possibility of a special session on the topic is not off the table…

(Mary Issue 3)

Since the court decision, South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks has limited access to infrastructure on over 20 lakes in the state, including Cottonwood Lake in Sully County east of Agar.

The panel also approved a study on workforce housing, campaign finance laws, and the initiated measure process.

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