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Still No Update On Capitol Lake Flaming Fountain

Monday, March 20, 2017

There is still no update on the flameless Flaming Fountain on the shores of Capitol Lake in Pierre.

For decades, the Eternal Flaming Fountain on the northwest corner of Capitol Lake illuminated the Capitol grounds. But in 2008, the fountain stopped flaming as the supply of natural gas fueling the fire mysteriously disappeared. In the past year, veteran organizations and Pierre residents have been pushing local lawmakers to try and get the fountain to flame again.

Pierre Representative Tim Rounds says still, there is no update on the fountain…

(Rounds Well 1)

Rounds adds that this project could cost more than anticipated…

(Rounds Well 2)

There was some talk about having LED lighting on the fountain last year as supplying natural gas to the fountain would cost over 10,000 dollars a year, while maintenance costs on the LED lights would be around 22 dollars a year.

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