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Wakpa Sica Site Hopes To Build For The Future

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

FORT PIERRE, S.D. (TodaysKCCR.com) – The Fort Pierre Bicentennial this week is a time for people in the area to be honored for their contributions to the region, celebrate the growth of a small settlement by the river, and honor Fort Pierre as an important part of  South Dakota’s rich history.

That history includes the use of the Wakpa Sica site north of Fort Pierre on South Dakota Highway 1806. The regional tribes of North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska have been working towards more usage of the site.  U.S. Attorney Randy Seiler has been in discussion with the tribes and says all the working parts are trying to come together:

AUDIO: Seiler 9-13-17 Cut A Cut 8533

The Wakpa Sica building has a unique style and architecture.  Seiler says that the facility is being used for meetings, gatherings and more:

AUDIO: Seiler 9-13-17 Cut B Cut 8534

The building has the utilities turned on and paid for and the opportunities and Seiler says options for the building are being addressed.

Two tipis are set up at the Wakpa Sica site during the Fort Pierre Bicentennial celebration that runs through September 17th

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