Chargers Close out Regular Season with Resounding Loss to Tigers

After a slow start, the Ipswich/Edmunds Central Tigers found the gear they needed, and cruised past the Sully Buttes Chargers to roll to a 48-8 victory Friday night in Ipswich.

After a three and out by Sully Buttes, Ipswich/Edmunds Central also went three and out, and on the ensuing punt, the ball sailed over the head of punter Carson Gohl, and Sully Buttes recovered on the Tiger 18 yard line, but failed to score.  After Sully Buttes turned the ball over on downs, the Tigers went to work.  Scoring drives of 81, and interception for a TD, 63 yard scoring drive, plus drives of 72, 55 and 69 yards all resulting in Tiger points, Ipswich/Edmunds Central put the Chargers season to a close.  The Tigers racked up 372 yards of offense, to Sully Buttes’ 102 yards total on the ground and through the air.

A lone score by Landon Severson of 22 yards, on a pass from Landon Hepker, was all Sully Buttes could muster for the night.  Severson has been a stalwart at practices and games throughout his athletic and academic years with the Chargers.  And since his freshmen year he’s dealt with transverse myelitis, a rare autoimmune disorder that affected his ability to move his legs and feet.  Ipswich/Edmunds Central worked with Sully Buttes players and coaches to help Landon finish his football career with the final score of the season.

The Chargers had an opportunity to advance to the postseason with a win, but instead will finish the year at 2-6, while Ipswich/Edmunds Central closes out the regular season at 6-2, and will advance onto the Class 9A playoffs. The Chargers are the first team out of the playoffs so they will replace any team in if they go down with COVID-19 before the first round begins.