Chronic Wasting Disease Found In Deer From Sully And Lyman County

(KCCR) — The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department says chronic wasting disease has been confirmed in Sully and Lyman Counties. Samples from deer killed by hunters in Lyman and under sick surveillance in Sully County revealed the fatal brain disease that afflicts deer, elk and moose. The finding means hunters in Lyman and Sully County will need to follow new chronic wasting disease regulations to reduce the spread of the disease. Those regulations focus on transport and disposal of animal carcasses. Chad Switzer, the wildlife program administrator for G-F and P says the fact the cases now extend farther east creates new challenges moving forward as C-W-D is not restricted anymore to the Black Hills and west river area. Fourteen counties including Haakon and Jackson have confirmed cases of chronic wasting disease. Any deer or elk hunting unit in any of the 14 counties is considered a C-W-D endemic area. A link to the new regulations can be found by clicking on the link:|+cwd+found+in+lyman+and+sully+counties