Class 11A All-State Team Powered by State Champion Canton

The Class 11A All-State team was announced and the state champion, Canton C-Hawks had five players make the first team in 2019. Class 11AA and Class 11A played each other throughout the season and the Pierre Governors, who faced both West Central and Tea Area had a combined six players make the first team on Offense and Defense with seven total players make the team. The Titans of Tea Area had five of the seven. The Titans placed running back Joey Headrick, defensive end Luke Rettedal, linebacker PJ Parmalee and defensive back Joe Walnofer with the punter Kaden Johnson on special teams. West Central placed full back Cooper Maras and defensive back Dathon Elmore. The Governors knocked off West Central in Week 2 of the season 46-6 and Tea Area 52-27 in Week 4.

You can see a full list of the All-State team below


QB – Ty Tappe, Sr., 6-2, 175, Madison

QB – Josh Arlt, Sr., 6-0, 182, Lennox

FB/HB – Cooper Maras, Sr., 6-1, 210, West Central

RB – Joey Headrick, Sr., 5-9, 150, Tea Area

RB – Kayden Verley, Sr., 6-0, 190, Canton.

WR – Caleb Metcalf, Sr., 6-1, 185, Lennox.

WR – Logan Ellingson, Sr., 5-11, 155, Dell Rapids

TE – Zach Witte, Sr., 6-6, 265, Sioux Falls Christian

L – Cody Brown, Sr., 6-4, 264, Madison.

L – Tadd Green, Sr., 6-2, 215, Dakota Valley

L – Drew Van Regenmorter, Sr., 6-2, 205, Dell Rapids.

L – Austin Metivier, Sr., 6-0, 275, Lennox.

L – Zach Richardson, Jr., 6-3, 250, Canton.


DE – Luke Rettedal, Jr., 6-0, 230, Tea Area.

DE – Braeden Wright, Sr., 6-3, 220, Dakota Valley.

DT – Kaleb Johnson, Sr., 6-1, 195, Lennox.

DT – Cody Schultz, Jr., 6-3, 240, Dell Rapids.

LB — Shaeden Scheidt, Sr., 6-0, 200, Canton

LB – Mohamed Ibrahim, Sr., 5-11, 190, Tri-Valley.

LB – PJ Parmalee, Sr., 6-0, 200, Tea Area

LB – Coby Maeschen, Jr., 6-3, 215, Dell Rapids

DB – Derek Eidsness, Jr., 6-2, 175, West Central.

DB – Dathon Elmore, Sr., 5-9, 161, Custer.

DB – Joe Walnofer, Sr., 6-2, 175, Tea Area.

DB – Isaac Dietzenbach, Sr., 6-10, 180, Canton.

Special Teams

K – Kayden Verley, Sr., Canton

P – Kaden Johnson, Jr., 5-9, 155, Tea Area.

Player – Max McCulloch, Sr., 6-4, 210, Milbank.

Player – Kelby Olson, Sr., 6-2, 175, Belle Fourche

Honorable Mention

Micaich Grace, Sr., Custer; Jackson Tyndall, Sr., Belle Fourche; Will Daughtery, Sr., Lennox; Ashaun Roach-Valandra, Jr., Todd County; Noah Randall, Sr., Dell Rapids; Caden Hank, Sr., Tea Area; Sam Stahl, Sr., Canton; Carter Sandholm, Jr., West Central; Zach Brady, Soph., Vermillion; Haden Mandel, Sr., Lennox; Evan Foster, Jr., Dakota Valley.