Despite Wet Conditions Areas Of Drought May Spring Up Fast

(WNAX) — While most of the northern plains have seen very wet conditions for most of the last eighteen months, dry weather can appear, sometimes quickly.
Dennis Todey is head of the Midwest Climate Hub in Ames Iowa..

“This time of year flash drought is a concern because warm, you know, we get enough sunlight and conditions are warm enough that if you get, you know, 10 days without rain you can turn it into problems fairly quickly.”
Todey says any flash drought would be fairly localized….

“Right now part… you know we’ll probably see little bit of that here and there but not widespread issues related to this.  And again, we don’t want to see too much of that because we know we have poorly developed root systems.  Soils that are…that drain pretty well, these sandy soils, places will see some problems, so we don’t want to see that.”
Todey says the overall outlooks for the rest of summer look to be cool and wet…

“The outlooks right now are…are beneficial from at least a….you know, staying relatively moist and and not too hot.”
Todey says drought condition are spreading across parts of northern North Dakota and Minnesota.