Drought Conditions Expand South Through James River Valley

Drought conditions across South Dakota continue to lessen in the west and expand in the east. This week’s update of the U-S Drought Monitor for the state shows an expansion of abnormally dry condition in the James River Valley. Beadle County, north of US Highway 14 has drifted back into moderate drought. Abnormally dry conditions in the east have creeped into parts of Sanborn, Jerauld and all of Hand and Hyde Counties. Severe drought is being seen in Brown, Spink, Faulk and western Clark and Day Counties. Edmunds County conditions go from none in the northwest corner to severe in the southeast. In the west, moderate drought is reported in all of Perkins and parts of Harding, Meade, Corson, Ziebach and Dewey County. Central South Dakota is faring the best. Stanley, Jones, Lyman, eastern Dewey, and most of Hughes, Sully and Potter Counties report no drought. The eastern edges of those counties are abnormally dry. And no drought is being reported across all of southern South Dakota, south of Interstate 90.