Drought Conditions Remain Unchanged In South Dakota

The month may have changed to November, but the US Drought Monitor update for South Dakota remains unchanged from the last week of October.   D-3 Extreme drought continues in the southeast corner of Perkins County and across most of eastern Pennington County.  Extreme drought conditions have expanded across most of eastern Meade County and remain a factor for southwest Zeibach and northwestern and western Haakon County.  D-2, Severe Drought has pulled back west and is now being seen in northern Jackson, central Haakon and most of Zeibach County.  Potter, Sully, Stanley and most of Jones and Hughes County are dealing D-1, Moderate drought this week.  The northwest corner of Lyman County is seeing Moderate drought while the bulk of Lyman County is considered Abnormally dry.  Abnormally dry conditions are listed for Hyde most of Buffalo and nearly all of Lyman, Brule and Hand County.  No drought is being listed in the extreme southeast corners of Hand and Buffalo Counties.