DWU Adds Esports

Dakota Wesleyan University is jumping into an unusual intercollegiate competition called “esports.” Esports consists of multi-player electronic video and online gaming. DWU announced its newest program Tuesday during a special rollout and introduction of DWU’s first team and the five games in which it will compete.

President Amy Novak says it’s a national trend…

She also pointed out discussions are underway to consider adding esports to the 2024 summer Olympic games.

I-T Director Chad Harvey is DWU’s esports coach and says there are eligibility requirements….

He says esports is going on all over the campus and around the world for that matter. Harvey says it’s an opportunity to spotlight these students and their abilities. So far 32 students are signed up to compete this spring.

Dakota Wesleyan is the only South Dakota college with membership to the National Association of Collegiate Esports and the fifth GPAC school competing.