Education Leaders Nervous About Bills Limiting Collective Bargaining

(KSOO) — A trio of bills in the South Dakota Legislature focus on prohibiting certain components of collective bargaining in education. The leader of the South Dakota Education Association group is concerned about the potential impact.
House Speaker Mark Mickelson of Sioux Falls is the prime sponsor of the legislation and SDEA President Mary McCorkle fears that if enacted, the rules would significantly mute efforts to improve education quality.

McCorkle also sees a consistent pattern when adding the current legislation with bills that were passed in 2017.

In particular, HB1198 specifically targets the SDEA according to McCorkle. For example, a teacher doing Association work at the request of the school district would have to do it outside of school hours, take personal leave or unpaid leave.  Since South Dakota is a right to work state, McCorkle says it makes it difficult for SDEA to provide those services which are required by law.