Equalization Boards Lead In To Hughes County Commission Meeting Tonight

The Hughes County Commission will be meeting tonight as a number of different entities tonight. They begin at 3:45 PM by meeting with the Consolidated Equalization Board, and then at 4:15 PM the Commission will meet as the County Board of Equalization. At 5:30, the Hughes County Commission will meet. There are no items of special or old business. New business includes an item regarding R-D-O equipment and consideration of the Falcon Ridge Road Agreement. The Commission will consider the sale of a belly dump trailer and will deal with a personnel matter. Commissioners will consider surplus equipment and a contract with the Deputy States Attorney. The Commission will consider Property Tax Abatements, Tax Deed Properties and Surplus Property. Commissioners will consider approval of the verified claims, liaison reports and a report from County Manager Kevin Hipple. The Hughes County Commission and meetings of the various Equalization Boards takes place in the Second Floor Commission Room starting at 3:45 PM. The meeting is open to the public.