Family Of Former Governor Ralph Herseth Looking For Donations For Trail Of Governors Statue

The children of former South Dakota Governor Ralph Herseth are reaching out for help in recognizing their father through the Trail of Governors project in Pierre. The letter signed by Connie Herseth Jacobs, Karen Herseth Wee and R. Lars Herseth starts as a biography of the life of Ralph Herseth. Herseth was a State Senator representing Brown County who when on to serve as a Democratic Governor from 1959 to 1961. Accomplishments in office include working to improve state aid for education, establishing the State Teacher’s Retirement System and improving water conservation with the South Dakota Conservancy Law. The Trail of Governors project in Pierre features life-size statues of the state’s previous governors. The bronze statues carry a price tag of 72-thousand dollars each. The Trail of Governors is completely put together by a non-profit, volunteer-led foundation that relies solely on donations to make the project work. Donations are tax-deductible. Those wanting to make a donation only to the Ralph Herseth statue can go Nineteen statues are currently a part of the Trail of Governors. Statues of former governors Herseth, William H. McMaster and Merril Q. Sharpe will be unveiled on June 15th in the Capitol Rotunda.