Federal Judge Rules Against Cities Of Pierre, Wagner And Sisseton In Forced Catheterization Lawsuit

(KCCR) — A federal judge has approved a settlement case between police officers in three cities including Pierre and a South Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper and six individuals who were subjected to forced catheterizations to collect urine samples. The American Civil Liberties Union brought the case on the grounds using a catheter to collect the samples is unconstitutional under the Fourth Amendment protecting against unreasonable search and seizure. The A-C-L-U, through Rapid City attorney Jim Leach, says none of the search warrants obtained by police, authorized catheter use. U-S District Judge Roberto Lange ruled in April that the mere suspicion of low-level drug crimes did not justify the procedure. The Cities of Pierre, Sisseton, Wagner and Highway Patrol Trooper Adam Woxland have agreed to pay 440-thousand dollars in damages and fee. The judgement is awarding 150-thousand dollars to both Jason Riis and Cody Holcombe from the City of Pierre. Both Riis and Holcombe will receive 75-thousand dollars each. 50-thousand dollars of that includes costs for fees each.