Fort Pierre City Council Approves Resolution To Clear Bad Debts

(KCCR) — The Fort Pierre City Council has approved a resolution to clear some bad debt owed to the city. Finance Officer Roxanne Heezen says the accounts in question simply can not be pursued any longer…

“This is just the collection agency’s share of some accounts that we can’t collect anymore because…collection agency is to receive so this will clear up off our system.”
Heezen didn’t have exact numbers for the Council but agreed when 500 dollars was suggested. She says changes to deposits for city services are helping prevent customers from skipping out on their bills…

“The increasing our deposit has helped, and since we…because we did the..the  deposit where, if you have a good letter of credit then you get a lower deposit and if you can’t provide that you get a higher deposit and that has helped decrease the number of accounts that we’re sending to collections.”
Heezen adds there is not much that can be done to prevent offenders from reestablishing city services….

“Once they go to collections, they’re considered whole with us.  If they were to come back at any time prior to…because these are all ones that the collection agencies say are paid in full.  So, but anybody who comes back, any amount remaining that’s still in collections must be paid in full, plus the higher deposit before they can be turned back on.  But once they’re considered paid in full at the collection agency….then it’s just, unfortunately, but; and we have had to, a few times, reluctantly,  And we know to be really aggressive with them on their collections.”
The resolution covers the elimination of customer account balances for those who are deceased, protected from bankruptcy or when the city is unable to collect the balance due.