Fort Pierre Man Wins Lucky for Life Lottery Prize

A Fort Pierre man is starting the New Year with some extra weight in his wallet. Bill Rose is the first big winner of the “Lucky for Life” lottery game. Rose won the game’s second highest prize of 390-thousand dollars. Rose took the lump sum, but he had the option of receiving 25-thousand dollars a year for the rest of his life in a long term pay-out. Lynn’s Dakotamart in Fort Pierre sold Rose his ticket. The store will get a 500-dollar bonus for making the winning sale. The odds of winning were one in one-point-eight million. The win comes as lottery fever is picking up across the country. Both the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots are over 400-million dollars. Today’s Mega Millions drawing has 445-million dollars in prize money available. Tickets for Mega Millions are two-dollars each. The game also includes second chance to win with the three-dollar “Just the Jackpot” option, but will only pay-out if a player scores the jackpot. The Powerball drawing on Saturday will be the sixth largest ever and the eighth largest in U-S history. The Powerball jackpot is 550-million dollars. Powerball tickets are also two-dollars apiece. State Lottery officials urge players be responsible with lottery ticket purchases as it does only take one ticket to win.