Heavy Rains From Tuesday Storms Forcing Army Corps Of Engineers To Back Down Oahe Releases

(KCCR) — Heavy rains from severe storms that caused damaging tornadoes over Sioux Falls Tuesday night are forcing the U-S Army Corps of Engineers to hold back releases from some Missouri River reservoirs. The Oahe Dam will see releases reduced from the current 57-thousand cubic-feet-per-second to 49-thousand C-F-S. Big Bend releases are going from 54-thousand C-F-S to 48-thousand. Fort Randall reservoir will see releases dropped from 49-thousand cubic-feet-per-second to 30-thousand C-F-S and Gavins Point will maintain downstream releases at 70-thousand C-F-S. John Remus, Chief of the Missouri River Water Management Division with the Corps says most of the rain inflows are going into Fort Randall and the reductions upstream are intended to prevent releasing more than 70-thousand C-F-S from Gavins Point. Current projections show releases will return to previous rates next week barring further additional heavy rainfall.