Hillsview Golf Course Had Good Number For 2017

Hillsview Golf Course had a busy season for foot traffic and rounds played, but it wasn’t a record.  PGA Professional and golf shop manager Carin Hayn said that, while they had extra tournaments–including two state tournament events, the numbers are slightly down from 2016;

Hayn added that the South Dakota State Golf Tournament was played there this past August, and also a State Couples Tournament recently, and that while the number of rounds played was down, it wasn’t down by much;

Hayn added that it’s always nice to get more people discovering what a great course it is to play, the regular membership makes up the lions share of rounds;

A hot July kept some of the golfers off the course, but August rebounded well, weatherwise.  And while we have seen good weather recently, the end of October and beginning of November was quite windy.