Hillsview Golf Course Looks Ahead To 2018

After a busy 2017, and being closed for the season, the Hillsview Golf Course has to look to the future.  Golf Course Superintendent and grounds maintenance manager Brian Tipton said the plans are underway to be sure 2018 will help the course stay green.  Tipton said that the irrigation system is one of the main areas that will be addressed;

Tipton added that the weather this past summer really helped show the needs that have to be addressed in 2018;

The use of GPS and range finders for the golfers is definitely a part of the game, and Tipton said that the new Yamaha carts for next year will be more efficient, and an app you can download will help you find your area, and will help you gauge your distance with a range finder;

A new lease with the Yamaha company will bring quieter, smoother riding, and USB ports with new carts for the golfers to rent.