Hillsview Golf Course Still Recovering From Flood of 2011

Despite the recent string of unseasonably nice weather, Hillview Gold Course has finished up its’ 2017 season earlier in November. And while numbers look favorable, and the course is maturing, it still has a ways to go to be back to what the course resembled before the flood of 2011. Course manager Carin Hayn, a Pierre native, came back home to manage the golf course, but her first year was in 2012, when the course was shut for a recovery year. Hayn says that even though it been six years since the flood, the course has shown improvement but there’s still a ways to go:

Hayn was referring to Brian Tipton, the new groundskeeper. Tipton also grew up in South Dakota, with a background in agronomy, and course management. He was appreciative of the work that previous grounds manager Dean Heymans did to speed recovery, and now he’s naturally moving to the areas whwere the grass and course layout need it:

Other areas that were addressed this past season were the dead trees. With standing water, trees will die off. And have to be cleaned out. Tipton said that a plan was laid out, and the heavy lifting of getting the debris off the course:

This past season the corse and golfers dealt with a hot, dry July. Tipton said that wasn’t totally expected but it had to be addressed:

Both Hayn and Tipton appeared on a special edition of Ask the May on KCCR.