House Taxation Committee Kills Bill To Create Tax Revenue Task Force

The South Dakota House Taxation Committee debated a bill that would set up a Tax Revenue Task Force to study the current tax structure in the state. Bill sponsor Representative Ray Ring of Vermillion says he thinks the tax system could be improved…

“I’m just not convinced that we have as favorable a tax structure as we could have…what we replace it with, obviously, the first thing I think we need to look at is not taxing manufacturing equipment and other business inputs and I didn’t even go into the tax pyramiding that’s way too…but it’s another problem with the taxes we have.”

Dave Owen, President of the state Chamber of Commerce and Industry, says it is a good time for another look at state taxes

“My theory is that South Dakota’s tax structure sits on the shoulders of it citizens more than other states cause we don’t have ports, we don’t have exportable tax sources, like big mining or mineral severance or timber to bring in some revenue that isn’t attributable to our citizens.”

Mike Houdyshell from the Department of Revenue opposed the bill…

“You know as many of you probably know, Governor Noem does not support creating new task forces. She doesn’t believe that’s the right way to approach these types of problems. There’s lots of information available, you know, as Representative Ring explained to the Committee, the information is out there and certainly anybody is able to put together information and thoughts and potentially legislation if they chose to make changes to the tax structure in South Dakota.”

The bill was killed when the committee voted eight to four to send the bill to the forty first legislative day.