Hughes And Stanley County Courthouse Staffs Take Part In Active Shooter Drills Wednesday

(KCCR) — First responders in Hughes and Stanley Counties and county employees in the two central South Dakota counties put into practice recent training as both took part in nearly simultaneous active shooter drills Wednesday…

“PD-199 and any available unit; 3-6-9-A at the Hughes County Courthouse, have a report of shots fired; Hughes County Courthouse.” “199 enroute.” “10-4.” “36-2, 159” “159” “I’ll be enroute; notify (inaudible), activate SWAT and request 58-1 for mutual aid.”
Hughes Stanley County Emergency Manager Rob Fines says employees in both counties recently took the ALICE active shooter response training and performed well under the stressful, rapidly evolving scenario….

“About like normal, I mean some of them handled it very well. Some of them were a little more nervous, but they were so well prepared for it and understood what was going on that they did a very good job.”
The full scale exercise also gave officials a chance to use the counties new Emergency Management drone…

“We had it up for the exercise in Hughes County. We basically wanted practice with it. Kinda get some video pictures of it as the responders came in. We flew it around the building to look into the windows and just get familiar with it and also let the public see it.”
The exercises took place at the courthouses in Hughes and Stanley County to give responding agencies a chance to see inside both buildings. Participating agencies included Pierre Police and Fire Departments, Hughes and Stanley County Sheriff’s Offices, South Dakota Highway Patrol and AMR Ambulance.