Indiana Woman Sentenced On Federal Drug Running Charge In South Dakota

(KCCR) — An Indiana woman arrested by Tribal law enforcement after a search of the vehicle she was riding in uncovered 150 pounds of marijuana has been sentenced in federal court for drug trafficking. Twenty-six year-old Sarah Worthman of Bloomington, Indiana was a passenger in a U-Haul rental truck in February of 2019, when the truck was stopped for speeding on U-S Highway 212 on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. Her co-defendant in the case Branden Lee was driving the truck at the time. He pleaded guilty earlier this year to Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana and is serving a 60 month federal prison term. Worthman was sentenced to 125 days in federal custody after pleading guilty to Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana in August of 2019. She was indicted by a federal grand jury back in March. Lee purchased the marijuana in California and was driving to Chicago when the pair was pulled over for speeding.