Johnson Says Cuts In Trump Budget Won’t Happen

(WNAX) — President Trumps budget released this week calls for reductions in Medicare and Medicaid and other federal programs.  South Dakota Congressman Dusty Johnson says they don’t pay a lot of attention to that document…

“Well the President’s budget is just a visioning document. It is not something that Congress has generally given a great deal of difference to. That being said it does let the country know where the President is. I like the fact that the President talking about the importance of moving toward a balanced budget. Clearly where we’re at today, 21-22 trillion dollars debt, that that’s unacceptable.”

Johnson says most of the cuts won’t happen…..

“There are a number of things in the Presents budget that I think are a non-starter. I mean Congress is simply not going to cut crop insurance 15% but, we take the Presents ideas we’ll add them to our own and I think working together we should be able to get a good product at the end of the day.”

Congress will once again attempt to write a budget before the end of the fiscal year in September.