Johnson Votes With Democrats In Blocking Emergency Declaration On Wall

(WNAX) — The US House voted to block President Trump’s emergency declaration, intended to get him billions of dollars to build the Mexican border wall.  The vote was two hundred forty-five to one hundred eighty two, with thirteen republicans joining the majority.  Among those thirteen was South Dakota Congressman Dusty Johnson…

“And it’s not about the President and it’s not about the Wall I mean I’ve supported the President on wall funding time and time and time again. I’ve been with him 100% of the time when he’s asked for Congress to appropriate funds for border security, for the wall and we’ve done it. I mean, we’ve gotten a fair amount done. We’ve got work to do, but this just comes down to the fact that I think the Constitution gotta mean something. Separation of powers has to mean something.”

Johnson says he has long been critical of the overuse of executive powers…

“I spend 8 years under President Obama complaining about Congress not being willing to do its job, those principals can’t change just because, you know, my party is in control of the White House.”

Johnson says he is still supportive of more security on the southern border….

“Well, certainly we’ve got, you know, a serious issue at the border and that’s why I voted for, you know, extraordinary funding to try and make sure that we get things taken care of down there and I’ll be a supporter of additional appropriated funding. You know, what it means is there are certain powers that are reserved for Congress and when we’ve got, ah you know, the Executive Branch who, you know, is going beyond they’re Article One powers, I think Congress needs to be willing to stand up and say, This is a job we need to do together.”

The resolution now goes to the Senate which is evenly divided right now.