Legislation Agreed in SDHSAA Meetings

Monday, the South Dakota High School Activities Association approved the use of instant replay in both the state championship football game as well as during the state tournament in basketball games. The use of instant replay would be extremely limited in both sports. In football it would be used on disputed scoring plays or to determine if a turnover occurred as well as in the last two minutes of the first half, it could be used to determine if a call impacted the status of the game clock. Then, In the final two minutes of the game or overtime, instant replay would be used like the pros in being able to determine if a player was in bounds, if a catch or interception was made, when a ball is ruled dead in a loose ball situation, to determine the spot of the ball, to determine if a kick or pass was touched and if a call impacted the status of the clock. It will also be able to determine if a last second shot was before or after the buzzer.