Mask Use To Be Required At Riggs, GMMS Where Social Distancing Can’t Be Done

(KCCR) — The Pierre School District is now requiring mask use at T-F Riggs High School and Georgia Morse Middle School whenever social distancing cannot be achieved. Superintendent Dr. Kelly Glodt released a statement Friday requiring mask use at the middle and high school and strongly encouraging mask use at the District’s three elementary schools. Glodt says students at all grade levels will be required to use masks for all extra-curricular activities. Spectators will still be permitted at District events and mask use for those is again strongly encouraged, but not mandated. The District will insist at spectators sit in every other row for activities. The City of Pierre is lending extra bleachers for use at Hollister Field. Seating marked with green tape is not to be used to ensure proper social distancing.