National Weather Service To Debut New Warning This Winter

(KORN) — The National Weather Service is rolling out a new type of winter warning this year. Warning Coordination Meteorologist Peter Rogers says it covers a condition known as a “snow squall”…..

“It’s a small area out of very heavy precipitation, in this case snow, that results in very rapid decreasing visibility, so it’s similar in impact to what you’d expect for a Blizzard Warning, but instead of over a multiple county; multiple state area, it’s over a much smaller region.”
He says the warning is particularly important to drivers….

“And these snow squalls have been documented to produce these very dangerous and deadly actually car pile-ups where you get people that skid-out and then people coming from behind can’t see ‘em and then it’s just a chain reaction where more and more cars build up and you have this massive accident.”
Rogers says the goal is to provide advance warning those conditions are ahead and allow drivers time to take appropriate action.