New Leadership Causing Legislature To Find Its Way

(WNAX) — The 2019 session of the South Dakota legislature was unique by ending with a marathon day and night session and adjourning around 3AM last Wednesday. Longtime observer Dave Owen says ultimately each legislature has to figure out how to govern…

“I’ve watched enough legislative sessions to know that the…each has its unique focus. Each has his own personalities, leadership changes but the necessities of running the state always settle this down.”

Owen says state government has to cover the basics….

“You have to provide money for schools. You have to cover health providers in the Medicaid program. You have to have law enforcement. So the realities of actually governing set parameters around some of the more colorful issues that distract us for many weeks but in the end they did their job. They’re working with the new Governor.”

Owen, President of the State Chamber of Commerce and Industry, says there were some single issues that got through…

“I think three of the concealed carry bills might have passed out of the seven. Couple of the other ones, so the legislature, which is now especially in the House in the hands of a more conservative leadership got a chance to assert some changes in law that they’ve seeking for a long time but not all of the ideas got carried away.”
Owen says businesses have a “bright line” when it comes to state law mandating that guns be allowed on private property. He says one bill that would have had state law override company policies was defeated.