Noem Pleased With Budget Passage

(WNAX) — South Dakota lawmakers gave final approval to the 2020 budget early Wednesday morning and then hit the highways home ahead of the recent blizzard.  Governor Kristi Noem approves of the plan, for the most part..

“The budget funding decisions that were finalized by the Legislature are consistent with a lot of the major priority I outlined at the beginning of our session. This budget is going to fund our urgent priorities including critical increases for nursing homes and Community Support Providers. It will also begin to invest in some important priorities to the Next Generation including rural broadband and pheasant habitat.”

Noem says funding for habitat is seed money…..

“What it will be is money that we can partner with federal funds. We can partner with wildlife organizations and groups and also private dollars to have a working lands program to move marginal lands into habitat. They give farmers & ranchers out there real opportunity to provide habitat but still cash flow those acres to make it workable part of their operation.”

Noem says the plan helps wildlife and ag producers…

“So it is something that we’ve had a need for at the state level when we have  difficult situations right now with our Ag operations cash flowing and trying to get through these difficult times with low prices, this is a program that will help us make sure that those acres can be dedicated to habitat”

Legislators return to Pierre for the final day of the session on March 29th.