Noem Says State Hasn’t Gotten Much Information On Blizzard Damages After Late Winter Storm

(WNAX) — While much of eastern South Dakota was dealing with heavy rain and flooding, last weeks storm turned into a blizzard in the central and western parts of the state.  Governor Kristi Noem says they haven’t gotten many details on livestock losses…

“I think producers are still out there trying to see what their losses are. There’s some that were missing some cattle and were able to locate them some had…I wouldn’t…you know I don’t know how significant the losses are. The tough thing as this came when a lot of West River ranchers were calving and that makes it very difficult situations and now you know, if they do have some that calves that are still with them they’re trying to keep them healthy and get them through that rough weather.”

Noem says there are some federal programs to help livestock producers….

“There is disaster programs through the Farm Service Agency that are in the Farm Bill. This was the program that we utilized after winter storm Atlas hit South Dakota so hard and so that program was made permanent at the time and was something I worked hard on, so I know that that program will be utilize again to help them with some of the…some of the financial losses that they’re sure to face.”

Noem says they have been talking to the Federal Emergency Management Agency…

“We are communicating with them. We have not ask for upfront dollars from FEMA and I have been talking with FEMA and they’re ready to help as soon as we get an assessment of what kind of losses we do have.”

More damages will emerge as the heavy snowpack across the state melts.