Number Of Summer Studies This Year Likely A One-Time Happening

South Dakota legislators will have to man eleven special summer study committees, along with the eight regular committees. Senator Jim Bolin of Canton is a member of the Executive Board and says they have some major issues to study this year…

“We’ve got this special ed one that I am involved with and then we have…we’re dealing with this mental health thing and that’s just a massive issue that I know Senator Soholt’s been working on it for a number of year and she really has been very active; and legitimately so, in pushing for some real improvements in our mental health situation, so there’s a number of smaller sub-committees working on that.”

Bolin says there are some special circumstances this year…

“And then of course we have the desire for you know the controversy about industrial hemp and there might be one more so…I think it’s more than this is just a one. This is more like a one-time event. I don’t anticipate the Legislature will have this many in the future. In fact, I would strongly urge us that we don’t. I think this is more of a one-year event.”

Fifty five to sixty legislators will be needed to fill out all the committees.
There are one hundred five members of the House and Senate.