October Enplanement Numbers Pass 2000 Passengers At Pierre Regional Airport

(KCCR) — October enplanement numbers have been released for the Pierre Regional Airport. Airport liaison Commissioner Jamie Huizenga says Pierre Regional easily passed the 10-thousand enplanement plateau…

“October 2019 had 2081 departing passengers which is 90% more than we had in 2018. Total enplanements as of October 31st are 11, 439 and based on our projections, our enplanements for the year should be at 14, 500. The United and SkyWest are just doing an outstanding job.”
Huizenga says a recent study by the State Department of Transportation shows just what kind of impact the Pierre Regional Airport has on central South Dakota…

“You may be surprised to know that study showed the Pierre Regional Airport accounted for 31-million dollars of direct off-airport revenue every year. That does not include the revenue that circulates throughout the region. That’s 31-million dollars being spent in and around Pierre every year because of our airport and the people who use it, which is great news for even the people who don’t fly from Pierre.”
Huizenga says the city is looking forward to how the numbers could lay out with a full 12-month year of service with SkyWest Airlines in the Capital City….

“Looks….very promising. We’re gonna end up with just shy of 15,000 in 2019, but that was giving up the first complete three months; plus even; once United came, you know, it took a little while: you know you just don’t wake up in the morning and say I’m gonna fly to Denver. It takes a while to work through that and now people are using it so 2020 looks very promising.”
Huizenga says there were some weather related delays in October impacting flights coming to Pierre because of snowy weather issues in Denver.