Onida Area Native Set To Broadcast British Open

A former all around athlete and golfer on the PGA circuit, Onida’s own Curt Byrum is currently in Scotland for The Golf Channels coverage of the British Open.  Byrum also covered the Scottish Open last week, and he said that more and more American golfers are coming over early to help them adapt to the courses, the time change—and the weather;

Byrum was recently interviewed by Mark Ovendon and Mike Henricksen on Calling All Sports—a weekly sport show about state athletics and the people who play them—and he went on to say that the golf played in Scotland is a lot different than what you might usually play;

Curt, and younger brother Tom—who both played on the PGA Tour during their golfing careers, started out caring for the course in the Onida area, mowing and tending to it.  Both brothers went on to the University of New Mexico, and Tom also attended New Mexico State.  Byrum said that this tournament—at least among the players—is considered one of the top two of the four main golf tournaments played;

And, Byrum also added that calling the tournament “The Open” is the CORRECT way to address it.  He said that with all the coverage from around the world, everyone was informed that in the birthplace of golf, you have to be sure not to incorrectly identify it;

These audio cuts are a courtesy of Calling All Sports, and you can catch CAS with Mark Ovendon and Mike Henriksen weekday afternoons at 5:35 on Todays KCCR.