Pierre City Commission Approves First Reading Of Refuse And Yard Waste Ordinance Updates

(KCCR) — The Pierre City Commission Tuesday gave first reading to updates in the city’s refuse collection and yard waste disposal ordinance. Some of the changes are clearing up old and outdated language such as what type of garbage can you can use…

“Our solid waste will be picked up in metal cans.  It’s kind of hard to find a metal can these days to put your garbage in so changing that to ‘container approved by the solid waste manager.'”
City Engineer John Childs says the most significant change relates to restricting access to the yard waste site to Pierre residents holding city utilities….

“In the past we have say charge the residential utility customers and everyone has been allowed to go into that area, 24/7 to use the facilities.  To do this, we’re securing that area. We will have automated gates in place.  They will be accessed either by a access card issued by the Solid Waste Manager upon  request or by utilizing a credit card to operate the machine.”
A similar system is in place for access to the Pierre city land fill. Childs says cards for access to the site by Pierre resident are free unless the pass card is lost…

“No fee shall be levied on the initial utility customer card.  To get that card you just need to have a request and it’ll be provided.  Replacement cards, should you lose that card, replacement cards will be charged to fees set on the schedule and basically…there is a certain amount of cost for those cards.  We’re trying to recover those.  All non-City of Pierre residential utility customers shall pay a per-load fee according to the fee schedule.”
The Pierre City Commission will set those fees with the budgeting process for the 2020 city budget. Commissioner Jamie Huizenga says there is a significant cost to process the yard waste debris…

“It cost money to run that.  I mean, it’s not like we’re taking those trees and selling them and making any money.  I mean, any time people drop off grass clippings, trees, cardboard, there is a cost for the City of Pierre to deal with that product.”
Childs says construction on the project is about 85-percent complete and expects it to be in operation by the end of August. Second reading on the ordinance revisions are set for next week.