Pierre City Commission Approves Re-Plat And Plans For Small Subdivision

(KCCR) — The Pierre City Commission this week approved the re-platting and final plans of a unique subdivision along the Missouri River in the northwest corner of Pierre. Pierre City Engineer John Childs says the Thompson’s Homestead Subdivision would go from two plats to five under the proposal…

“Mr. Thompson’s proposing to re-plat the area and amend existing P-U-D to allow three residential structures on Lot 1-A, Lot Three and Lot Four.  He’s proposing a private street, private sewer and water services to be constructed (and) maintained by the Property Owners Association.  The proposal requires the property owners to construct their infrastructure post-purchase of the lot.   A geo-technical report has been submitted by Core Engineering out of Chamberlain.  The report recommends that the single-family residences be built with reinforced concrete crawl spaces found on drilled piered foundations.”
The report also says structures must be designed by a qualified structural engineer with experience in such construction. Childs says the request is something not normally seen in Pierre…

“The proposal for private streets and utilities constructed by a property’s Owners Association is atypical for development and Pierre.   Typically incurred development costs are shared through lot sales with purchasers paying a share of the cost with a lot purchase.  This proposal is to share incurred development costs post lot purchase.  In both scenarios, no building permits are issued until the water, sewer and street; less the paving, have been constructed.”
The proposal brought many questions from Commissioners….

“We’re looking at this more as a gated community than we are as a typical subdivision.”…  “Commissioner Johnson”…”Thank you, Mayor.  So, they’re responsible for putting it all in, but they will be all on city services and things like that they’ll use…”…”We will have; well take the water.  The water will go to a meter pit and we will bill the Property Owners Association for that utility and they will pay the bill and they’ll divide that cost among the three property owners.”
Jim Thompson says all of the lots have been purchased in the small subdivision which will lead off of Riverview Drive. The Homeowners Association for the group will be responsible for snow removal on the road up to Riverview Drive.