Pierre City Commission Updated On Latest Missouri River Levels Tuesday Night

(KCCR) — The Pierre City Commission was again updated on the latest conditions governing the Missouri River as water levels remain higher than average from precipitation earlier this year. City Engineer John Childs remains comfortable with the river right now…

“Compared to a week ago, Oahe is down 9/10th of a foot, which is quite a bit.  The flows that are going through the system are pretty much tracking consistently with the three-week forecast from the Corps of Engineers.  Currently Oahe is receiving about 22,000 cubic-feet-a-second on the average.  Releasing 49,100 cubic-feet on the average.”

Childs took part in the U-S Army Corps of Engineers weekly briefing last Thursday and says the Corps is looking closely at areas south of Gavins Point Dam….

“There’s continuing issues downstream.  There were 48 levees that had either been re-topped or had breached.  Its going to be a long summer ahead for the folks downstream.  We’re tracking now, Garrison and Peck are starting to fill with snow wa…snow melt.  The forecast is pretty true with what we’re seeing for real so I’m feeling way more comfortable than I did two weeks ago.”

The future of releases from the Oahe Dam will be dependent on how quickly levels at the Fort Randall Dam are reduced…

“Actually, it more hinges around what’s coming out of Fort Randall.  Once that goes down, our releases will ramp up.  The releases out of Gavins Point currently are at 75,000 c-f-s.  The projections show that not backing off at all and once Fort Randall has..has regains some storage capacity, then the releases will go up here, coming out of Oahe.  It’s scheduled to where we’re at52,000 here in the next 10 days or so.”

Weekly updates to the Pierre City Commission on the status of the Missouri River began three weeks ago and will continue into the near future.