Pierre Man Arrested For Making Terrorist Threat Against Apartment Building

A Pierre man was arrested Friday just before nine A-M on a charge of making a Terrorist Threat. Captain Jason Jones with the Pierre Police Department says officers conducted an investigation regarding threats that had been made regarding the destruction of a Pierre apartment complex in the 600 block of West Dakota Avenue. As the investigation developed, officers learned that a confrontation had taken place between two tenants of the apartment and threats had been made to damage the apartment complex. Officers later located and interviewed a suspect accused of making the threats against the building. He’s identified as 62 year-old Dale Warren of Pierre. Due to the reported threats and additional statements made by Warren that concerned other tenants of their safety, he was arrested on the charge of Making a Terrorist Threat. Making a Terrorist Threat is a Class 5 Felony. The statute is defined as any person who threatens to commit a crime of violence or an act dangerous to human life involving, among other things, any explosive or destructive device with intent to intimidate or coerce a civilian population. Pierre police have not indicated what the specific threat was that Warren allegedly made.