Pierre Men Arrested For Trespassing

Two Pierre men were arrested Monday for trespassing however one ended up with additional charges as he was placed in custody. Officers responded to the 100 block of East Broadway Avenue to a report of trespassing around 6:30 PM. Upon arrival officers located both 33 year-old Theophile Bruguier Jr. and 36 year-old Lee Howe at a residence. Both men had received prior notices of no trespass and were aware they were no longer permitted to be at the residence in question. Lee was taken into custody without incident on a trespassing charge. Bruguier however spit on the arresting officer and made threats of bodily harm against police. In addition to the trespassing charge, Bruguier is facing additional charges of Assault by Causing Contact with Bodily Fluids and Threatening Law Enforcement. All three are Class One misdemeanors, which carry a maximum punishment of a year in jail and two-thousand dollar fine for each charge. Lee and Bruguier were both taken to the Hughes County Jail.