Pierre Softball Players Award All-State Honors

The Pierre Softball team wrapped up its season two weeks ago and now postseason accolades are being handed out. For the Governors, Kenzie Gronlund and Kara Weiss were both selected to the All-State team. Shelby Roman and Eva Frederickson were both honorable mention to the All-State team. In total, 27 players were named to the All-State team with West Central and Madison receiving four players each to the team.

A full list of the All-State team can be found below:

West Central                                                                       

Caitlyn Hoff

Jocelyn Nilson

Brooke Opitz

Sammie Mallinger



Julie Hodges

Emmi Clarke

Allie Kappenman

Kelsey O’Connell



Shelby Roberts

Christina Cassidy

Kaitlyn Roberts

Jadyn Hamann- Honorable Mention



Cassidy Gors

Brynn Schepner

Marisa Haupt- Honorable Mention

Addisyn Hansen – Honorable Mention



Alicen Oltmans

Ellie Schwartz

Emma Hanisch- Honorable Mention

Zoe DeVries – Honorable Mention



Chandler Cleveland

Sydney Stockwell

Hannah Christopherson – Honorable Mention

Jenaya Cleveland- Honorable Mention



Julia Jenks

Makenzie Allen

Ava Tiahrt- Honorable Mention

Erika Bien- Honorable Mention



Kenzie Gronlund

Kara Weiss

Shelby Roman – Honorable Mention

Eva Fredericksen – Honorable Mention


Dell Rapids 

Lexi Ingalls

Kyra Wajer

Cora Alderson- Honorable Mention

Kylie Lebhan- Honorable Mention


Tri Valley 

Amy Bosch

Brynlee Lokkeberg

Katie Hanson – Honorable Mention

Madison Golden – Honorable Mention



Angell Arredondo

Charli Stamper

Keigan Ballard- Honorable Mention

Alexis King – Honorable Mention