Ravnsborg Giving Consumer Protection Division More Visibility Among Data Breaches And Scams

(WANX) — South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg has given the office of Consumer Protection more attention since he took office earlier this year…

“When I came in I see that they had a Consumer Protection handbook and it was from 2014 so I said I’d like that updated by the time we get to the State Fair and we got that done and we handed out quite a few of them and I would encourage people if they’re interested, to get one of the handbooks that they just call into our the office and talk to our Consumer Protection folks and they’ll mail you out one.”

Ravnsborg says they are hearing one major complaint right now….

“Robocalls.  I hear about robocalls everywhere and we have done some things on that front and we hope to do more.  A number of us Attorney Generals I think around almost all 50 joined with 12 of the major phone companies you know, to make a deal to make and streamline some of the process and I think there’s some positive developments that are gonna start developing here on that front.”

Ravnsborg says they have regular scam alerts available…

“We’ve also tried to get people to sign up; if you want to get the latest scams and alerts, we’re sending out emails about that and had people sign up at the fairs about that and we’re just trying to keep you aware so that you don’t get scammed.  I guess, as the old adage goes; If’ it’s too good to be true, you know, it probably is so please give us a call, you know, give us all the information that you got about the scam and then we can also alert other people so they don’t get scammed.”

Other consumer issues getting attention include data breaches and credit card fraud.