Republicans Have Others To Consider For Governor Besides Noem And Jackley

(KWAT)—When political pundits handicap this year’s Republican primary for governor in South Dakota, nearly all of the attention will go to the two leading candidates—Kristi Noem and Marty Jackley.  But there are others in the race, like Doctor Terry LaFleur of Sioux Falls….

LaFleur says with a big cash deficit compared to the more well-known candidates, he has to campaign the old-fashioned way…

One of the issues LaFleur is concerned about is pipeline safety in the aftermath of a large oil spill near Amherst, in Marshall County….

LaFleur says oil spills are costly when you factor in the cleanup costs to return the spill site to its original state….

There’s a fourth Republican in the race—Lora Hubbel—a former state lawmaker who also ran for governor in 2014.