Rick Miller Takes Over As Highway Patrol Superintendent

(KCCR) — Command of the South Dakota Highway Patrol is now officially the duty for Colonel Rick Miller. A Transfer of Command Ceremony took place Friday in the State Capitol Rotunda in Pierre. Miller becomes Superintendent of the Highway Patrol from former Colonel Craig Price, who now sits as Secretary of the Department of Public Safety….

“Rick Miller is committed.  The Field can easily see how committed Rick is to the Agency and to the Troopers based on his everyday work product.  Rick Miller is passionate.  The Field recognizes how passionate Rick is toward law enforcement in general and especially towards the Highway Patrol.  He shows passion in his words and in his actions.  Rick Miller isn’t afraid to acknowledge when he is wrong.  He talks with us, not to us.  Rick Miller is progressive.  He’s always looking for ways to be more efficient for less duplication of work.”
Lt. Governor Larry Rhoden says Miller will bring to the Highway Patrol the leadership needed to address future challenges, like the growing impact of methamphetamine…

“We need leaders who will encourage, leaders who will motivate and expect superior work all the time.  Today, I’m thrilled to see Colonel Miller accept the mantle of leadership.  I have the highest confidence that he is up to the challenge.  There are high expectations for this job, but the Colonel’s integrity, Colonel’s grit and his focus will be his guiding light.  Safety will always remain his focus.”
Miller told the crowd of family both blood and blue that to do the job right, he’ll need help…

“From my family, from the citizens of the state and the Troopers and civilian staff.  For my family, never let me put my job before you.  My job’s demanding and the staff needs me to be engaged, and I will.  But you also need me to be engaged and I assure you I will.  If not, please let me know.  To the citizen’s of this state, hold us and me accountable.  Continue to let me know when we do great work and let me know when we are slipping.  And to the Troopers, I’ll make mistakes like you.  I will grow and get better like you.  I will work with you.  Pick me up when I fall and be ready to carry the torch when I depart.”
The Highway Patrol’s Command Staff presented Price with a shadow box containing Price’s Ike Jacket, two Highway Patrol patches and the “H-P One” license plate off his patrol vehicle.