Second Round Of Mass Testings Held At State Women’s Prison

(KCCR) –The South Dakota Department of Corrections has conducted a second mass test for Covid-19 at the State Women’s Prison in Pierre. Two housing units at the facility took part testing 112 inmates. Fifty-one inmates in Housing Units C and D tested positive for Covid-19. Sixty-one inmates tested negative. A total of 92 inmates housed in the Pierre Community Work Center are now considered recovered. A total of 172 inmates housed at D-O-C facilities in Pierre have tested positive. Nineteen are symptomatic with 178 testing negative and 93 having recovered. Prison staff who have direct interaction with positive inmates are required to wear personal protective equipment including masks, gowns, gloves and face shields or goggles. The State Department of Health is working with D-O-C officials on screening inmates including temperature checks. The State Women’s Prison has four cell blocks with a fifth behind the main building and the Pierre Community Work Center just southeast of the main facility.