Senate Committee Moves Bill To Allow Firearms On Campus Moves To Full Senate

(KBRK) — The Senate Judiciary Committee passes a bill that would prevent public universities and technical schools from restricting guns on their campuses. The bills says they cannot place any restrictions on carrying or possessing a firearm, quote “Within the boundaries of the institution.” There was less than two minutes of testimony in favor of the bill. During committee discussion, Senator Stace Nelson spoke in support of the measure. He says gun-free zones are a violation of the South Dakota Constitution…

“What we haven’t heard here in the Great State of South Dakota is what the South Dakota State Constitution says and the South Dakota State Constitution is Article 6, Section 24, Right to bear arms. The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the state shall not be deined!”

Student associations from the School of Mines, U-S-D and S-D-S-U all spoke against the measure as did the Board of Regents and Technical School Board. Senator Lee Schoenbeck of Watertown says the bill is a bad idea….

“If we gave Oscars for the Worst Public Policy Reflected in any Bill Introduced in South Dakota This Year, Senate Bill number 122 would get first, second and third….POINT OF ORDER…State your point…Thank you sir. Our rules are explicated about the decorum were supposed to maintain here and disrespecting and mocking a legislator that’s not even here because he’s sick isn’t appropriate….Mr. Chairman, I didn’t mock anybody.”

The measure passed on a four-three vote and now heads to the Senate floor.