South Dakota Farmer’s Union Opposing Rodney Brown Nomination To Farm Credit Administration Board

(WNAX) — The South Dakota Farmers Union is opposing the nomination of Rodney Brown, a California bank executive, to the Farm Credit Administration Board. President Doug Sombke says they’re asking the Senate Ag Committee to oppose Brown for that position.

“He’s been on the board of American Bankers Association, who have opposed this system for several years and they’re also attacking the system again because of the way they count beginning farmers and ranchers is not correct. The Farm Credit Service Administration might not be a perfect system, but I can tell you this, it is a life line for farmers and ranchers and anyone who’s struggling out here.”
He says if Brown’s nomination is approved it’ll just add to the economic stress farmers are experiencing now.

“I really don’t like the fact that this man has been nominated to a system that he so much despises and I really thing that our farmers and ranchers deserve better and in a time when they’re really stressed to begin with they don’t need to be worrying about where their system is going to change on them or not.”
Sombke says many farmers and ranchers depend upon the Farm Credit System as a lifeline to their financial needs.

“Anybody that can remember the…the 1980’s ah…we’re at the verge, we are right at the door. And if, ah people like this are going to be in charge we will not only, ah, see challenges like we seen then, but we will see more um, ah, ah, problems with the Farm Credit Service Association and bankers, using their strength and power of large banks against farmers and ranchers and that’s what we gotta stop.”
Sombke is calling on his group’s members and all farmers and ranchers to contact members of the Senate Agriculture Committee to urge them to vote down the nomination.